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The sheer horror of this game made the marrow in my bones disintegrate and the blood vessels in my eyes swell. The creature's fear-inducing presence shaved 2.5 years of my lifespan off, but it was all well worth it!

For a short game, this one delivered a complete experience. The story was really intriguing, and the setting was really scary. I loved the ending too!
Made a spanish gameplay about your game, hope you like it! :)

a monster with a long neck


Cool game only small bit of advice is when you're locked in I had no clue what to do other than die and restart the game again, so maybe a checkpoint if you want to make sure somebody dies or just a better cue! otherwise good job here's m,y playthrough with some other games 


Short but very cool horror game.

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thanks for playing!

Ran for my dumb lemon life (Gameplay at 11:10)

hey thanks for playing!! Great video too!

The story was actually interesting on how you made it a mirror of what was happening to the main character (or at least that's my theory). Wish there was some more clarity to the story, but it was still fun and a compelling game through the small exploration and hidden tapes and using the crowbar in different instances, it was pretty well thought out through and fun!

Hey thanks for playing! Your video was really engaging awesome job!

Cool game greatJob!

awesome video! Thanks for playing!


Amazing game!! Keep up the great work!!

hey thank you so much for playing!


The game is excellent! I download the experience now. Good luck!


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This game actually got me pretty well, and the elevator part had me shook. I love little short experiences like this, and I hope you keep making them! I am actually a bit confused about the ending still however.

Hey thanks for playing! Honestly your editing was great!

T posing monster freaked me out.

Haha thanks for playing!

 cool game


Enjoyed your game, liked the graphics and the story. Wasn't sure if it's just my PC (it sucks) or if it was the game, but I had a little vertigo turning around lol. The ending was abrupt and I wasn't sure if it was really over, although I thought the pacing/light puzzles were great overall. Definitely had a grim vibe. If that was your voice acting, I liked it too :)

Thanks for the feeback! Glad you enjoyed!

This game made me jump out of my seat! Good game, keep up the good work.

Haha thanks for playing! Glad I gave you a scare!

Comments below clip;

You go home, after work, so what else do you want, besides putting your feet on the table and chilling out...? Not what Lisa runs into. Secrets and good health don't mix well. Especially in horror games. Want to find out what happens?

Download and play the game. Oh, and show the DEV some $$$ <3

Well done. It was a pleasure to play this game. Kudos to all involved.

Hey thank you so much for playing!!!

That was fantastic, really well done with the scares. Story was good as well and the tension worked great with the environment !

I made a video on your game if you would like to give it a watch :)

Awesome vid! Thanks for playing!

I loved the story and how the game easily creates a sense of foreboding as you continue. Great horror game.

Yo thanks for playing! Glad you had fun

Hello, I played this game and I liked it! Good job :)


thanks for playing!!

Amazing job with telling a story in such a short experience while making it scary too! Loved the tapes and the setting was super well made! 

haha thanks for playing! Cool vid too!

pretty decent game. it's short and a great start! 

Hey thanks for playing awesome!

Nice game. Could use a checkpoint near the end there xD

thanks for playing! Cool vid

Good game, spooky and fun! Didn't expect the ending, really well done!

hey thanks for playing!

Of Course! Thanks for making it :)

Nice game :) I didn´t expect that final and tried again..hahaha.. played on my channel :)


Awesome vid! thanks for playing!

This was really good, but I would've loved maybe a little scare near the beginning in the testing room, but other than that it was a great experience! Great job! 

Haha thanks for playing man!!

Haha no problem! 

took me a While to realise that you have to run away haha 

thanks a lot for playing! 

very cool game, ending was a lil confusing but maybe im just a dummy.

haha thanks for playing!


Cool game here's a speedrun


nice! That's a pretty good time!



if you want to submit that run to a leaderboard, there is a page for this game


This was great! The soundscape really set the mood, and the voice acting was really good! Nice and intense chase scene as well. Overall, a fantastic short horror experience! Great work!

ThAnks for playing!! Means a lot!!


hey thanks for playing my game man!!


creepy but boring

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im actually looking for feedback so thanks! :)


no problem. I see everyone keep giving positive feedback which is kind of weird since every game, even if its good, there's gotta be something to improve. I love your work but its a bit boring. Maybe try to add plot twist? but not too much or don't add too much jumpscares as it will get annoying after a while.


yeah, I’ll keep that in mind! Thanks!!

This was a very creepy game. Wonderful job!

Thank you so much for playing!!


This game is really impressive, going into it i thought it would be the typical psx horror game, but this was so well made for a short horror the fact is had voice acting say alot! the story was interesting, the atmosphere was brilliant, only thing i would criticize and its very small, its before u run from the monster and that second door opens i didn't find out that door opens for about 4 tries because i never thought to look behind me maybe create a door opening sound affect at that point to let people know to turn and run, but apart from that brilliant game! gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to hit that sub button guys it would be really appreciated 

hey this really means a lot! Thank you so much for playing my game!!


Great job on this game! Everything was smooth and well thought out. Game here: 

Please sub to my YouTube channel.

Hey thanks for playing my game man!



thanks for making a video! Means a lot!


This games have potential. 

Hey thanks for playing!


good spooky

thanks for playing!


This was pretty good. Good luck on the internship! Made a video on it.


Hey thanks for playing! Loved the vid!

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